Understanding the opposite can be challenging and nerve-racking but below are 3 MAJOR tips men desire women to note.
1. Men forget important dates like birthdays and anniversaries. It is best to advice us a week before. That way, we will have less conflict. It is not that we don’t care, we just have a lot on our minds.
Remind us before you cuss us!
2. Men love when woman takes control sexually. It is expected of us to be the head and while we do

accept our role, we desire to be submissive intimately. Personally, I love when she gets on top and take full control – it gives me a rush and it make our sex-life more intense and more exciting. I look forward to going home when a have a sensual woman waiting.

3. We need our time from you. It is not personal, it is just that we need to unwind and have some male bonding. Understand that we do enjoy your company but just need to chill at times without you.

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