5 MAJOR Things to Know about being a Parent!

A baby is not an investment, a baby is not a charity-case and a baby is not  a means to keep a relationship together.
Babies are human beings and just how you deserve to be treated with love and care, babies also deserve the same treatment because one day that baby will be an adult.
“I maybe small and crawl but 1 day, I WILL STAND TALL!”

Being a parent is a lifetime commitment and a job that offers no retirement. It is indeed a MAJOR step and one should really ponder upon and make a sound decision to become a parent rather than to stumble upon this journey.
However, life happens and things don’t always go according to plan and usually a baby is the result.
There are 5 major things to know about being a parent.
5 MAJOR Things to Know about being a Parent:

1. Being a mother or a father is a lifetime commitment. This means your role as a parent will never end. It doesn’t stop at age 18. It is indeed a lifetime responsibility, bonding and relationship!

2. Children are NOT investment funds. Persons tend to believe that because they had children and sent them to school then they MUST pay them back. NO. You spent your money on your children because YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO. It is called parenthood. Your child/children should not be burdened down becoming an adult. It is however your child/children’s responsibility to take care of their parents once they can but NEVER should be burdened down.

3. Children cannot replace loneliness. There are persons who used their child/children as fillers for their emptiness. They become emotionally attached in a way that bothers on immorality. If you are lonely, seek a relationship but do not think for one second that having a baby and becoming a parent will derail your intimate desires.

4.You have to be self-less. Be advised that there will be times when you desire to go out with friends and have to think twice as your baby will need you. There will also be times where you desire to buy a nice dress or a nice shirt and have to think twice as your baby will need nourishment and care which will cost. If you are a selfish person and thinking of having a baby in the near future, decide to deride your selfishness as having a baby will enact you to think of their needs and not necessarily your own.

 5.You will NEED support! You might think that you are strong on your own but no man is able to achieve on his own which means that you will need help at times. Being a parent is different than being you. It is not an easy role to play and as a result, you will need love and support in time when you need assistance or if you should encounter an emergency.


Being a parent is a HUGE step in one’s life and there is no manual to being a great parent. You simply have to get in the company of those who can mentor you and offer you support and love.
A baby is indeed a miracle and should be treated accordingly.



One thought on “5 MAJOR Things to Know about being a Parent!

  1. Anonymous says:

    A lot of young girls need to read this so they will think twice as most desire to party and only spend money on hair and clothes. They need this.


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