5 DISASTROUS Ways Social Media Can Wreck Your Relationship!

Social Media is a wonderful phenomenon that whilst possesses great perks, it can be hazardous to your relationship.
Below are Five (5) ways Social Media could destroy your relationship:
1: Relationship status issues. Your partner could rather to be seen as single on social media and that can attract singles and create great chaos in your relationship.
2:You desire what you see others post! Persons will post how they are so in love and what wonderful lives they are living when reality is they have the worse relationship and life. Social media creates an idea of an ideal that can destroy your perception on what a relationship SHOULD be.
Not all that glitters is gold. It could just be rhinestone!
3: Stirs up jealousy! Unnecessary arguments can flare over someone liking a post or a picture of your partner.
4: It transforms partners into CIA Agents. It encourages distrust and that can blossom in a disastrous situation. Persons believe they can find out if their partners are cheating by hacking their social media accounts.
5: It encourages affairs and cheating. One can say I am only looking but your eyes are extremely powerful. It opens lust and lust can lead to something that can and will destroy your relationship.
Social Media is indeed a great tool but if not managed well or if become too addicting, it can lead your life down a path of no return.



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