Protecting YOUR Intimate Relationship in 7 EASY Steps!

Intimate relationship is as delicate as holding an egg. It takes extra effort to build it, to maintain it and to flourish it. It is therefore both partners’ responsibility to ensure it is guarded. Below are several ways to ensure your intimate relationship is protected.
#1: Be TRANSPARENT with your personality. No one wants to buy a gold bracelet and when they are ready to wear it on a special night, turns out it is not real. It is within your best interest and that of the relationship you desire to be successful, to simply be open – no secrets, no lies.
#2: Avoid being too friendly with the opposite-sex. It is okay to have friends opposite to your gender. What is unacceptable is when that friend consume your time and even controls your mental space to the point where they can tell you how to treat with your intimate relationship.
#3: Always ASK, never stereotype or assume! Because someone may display attributes of someone else doesn’t mean they are that person. Everyone is unique and everyone handles life differently. Don’t make a judgment based on assumption. If you desire to know something, ask, if  you are having an issue with something that was said or done, ASK.
Guard  your intimacy, it is your earthly joy.
#4: TRUST. This is totally dependent on transparency. If you were open in the beginning of the relationship, then trust will be a bonus! A relationship NEEDS trust to strive. On the other hand, it will die or suffer without it and so it is imperative that you work on this within your relationship. Talk through issues with truth and honesty and not anger and resentment.
#5: SET & RESPECT the autonomy of each other. You need to give your partner space to live their life. No one likes the feeling of being imprisoned or incarcerated. Give that leverage to your partner to go out and hang out with friends and family and also to make their own choices. A relationship is suppose to compliment you, enlighten you and propel you not jail you and suffocate you.
#6: AVOID comparing your partner. Never make this mistake and make your partner feel subordinate to or second-best to anyone. Always be present and judge your partner base on who they are and what they bring to the table. No one desires to feel less-than and this can kill the romance within your relationship which eventually will kill your relationship.
#7: Limit the input of others especially family and friends unless you are being abused. Your relationship is your business and therefore you should try to control your issues between you and your partner and if for some reason you desire a 2nd opinion, seek professional help or lean on someone whose relationship is healthy and successful. Sometimes, your “friend” and unfortunately some family members are just waiting for that opportunity to hear things going bad so they can help you smash your relationship to pieces instead of finding a solution.
Your relationship is your business, it is sensitive and it is your joy.
Ensure you activate the tips above.

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