4 EFFECTIVE Steps to Committing Oneself to God!

Commitment is best defined as an obligation and dedication. A lot of  persons are of strong conviction that they are truly dedicated to God when truth is they are dedicated to Church. Because you are active in Church, it doesn’t necessarily mean you are committed to God.
God desires you to be extremely active in Church but He wants your full attention which means having a true relationship with Him.
When you commit to God, He rewards your love.
Below are 4 EFFECTIVE STEPS to activate your commitment journey.
#1: Confession. In order to serve God, you must CONFESS ALL YOUR SINS! You don’t necessarily have to seek a Priest and sit in a confessional booth as Jesus died so you could have direct access to God Himself. All that is required of you is a prayer confessing your sins and your willingness to commit to Him.
The Confessional Prayer:
” Lord Jesus, I come to you humbly as a sinner. I ask that you wash me of all my sins. I ask that you come into my heart and make me pure, whole and true. I commit my life to you and ask that you teach me how to please you. I ask all these in your name – in Jesus’ name, AMEN.” 

When you do this, it is time to confess to God the weaknesses you possess and ask Him to guide you. What confession does is to set you free.
#2: PRAY. One way to know God is to talk to Him and do this as much as you can. When

you share with God all that is on your heart at all times – your life will be more fruitful and more joyful. God is there waiting on you to come to Him even though He knows all things. He wants you to run to his arms like a child would run to his/her mother or father for guidance, for protection, for provision and for love.

#3: Meditate. God said if you seek Him, you will find Him. You seek God when you are STILL! Which means, you find a place that is peaceful and  you sit and say nothing. Also, try not to think. What this does is centre you and it brings you to a place of peace and this is where God speaks. God doesn’t speak only to Prophets, He speaks to all. The reason why most persons don’t hear Him is simply because they are busy listening to everyone else apart from God. Find a place that you can meet God.
Meditation brings you to a place of peace and a place to hear GOD!

#4: SERVE. One way to commit to God is to SERVE Him which means you enroll yourself into a Church/Ministry and you give of your time and your talent. Serving humbles you and it teaches you the importance of love and of joy and of peace. Jesus was the Son of the Living God yet He became one of us to show mankind the importance of humility and service. Don’t die with the talents God instill within you – give of them and watch the level to which God will raise you.

1 Peter 4:10

As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God’s varied grace.

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