Self-love is often confused with “pampering oneself”. It is actually more than taking care of oneself physically but it is ensuring you take FULL care of your life.
Below are 7 POWERFUL ways to activate SELF-LOVE:
1.      Connect with God. Love begins with God and God is indeed love. To really understand the foundations of love, you must first join yourself to God which means reading the Bible, meditating and praying. Ensure that this is the 1st relationship you invest in.
2.      Speak positive to yourself. Your mouth can build and destroy you. Accordingly, it is most imperative to shut out the negative words from others but also to ensure that you guard your own mouth from blocking your blessings.

3.      Nourish your body with ALL food groups in the right portions. Stop dieting and stop over-indulging and simple eat within the food group. Stop depriving your body of what it needs to fuel your mind. A lot of the ailments you suffer could very well be based on bad eating habits.

4.      Surround yourself with people who truly love you. When someone loves you, it is displayed within their actions. Listen to the words that come from people’s mouths but look deeply at their actions.

5.      End all toxic relationships. Remove anyone from your life that makes you feel like you are inferior. If someone makes you uncomfortable to be yourself, dismiss that individual .

6.      Celebrate yourself.  Reward yourself when you achieve a goal or a dream.
7.      Follow your heart. The thing that has your heart racing and excited with joy within, chase that. The thing you are fearful do, DO IT.
Self –Love is important as you will not be able to love anyone if you are not in touch with the love within yourself. You must invest in your growth and development and unfortunately, it is not wearing the latest fashion but it is engraved within loving and accepting oneself.

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