5 POWERFUL Ways to Protect Your Personal Life!

Your life is your business and as the CEO of your life, you have to ensure that you create certain boundaries or standards that not only you are aware of but others.
Below are 5 POWERFUL ways to protect your privacy and also to ensure you live an intentional contented life.
1. Be selective with what you share on social media. The more you post personal information, the more you give your life over to the world. Not every detail of your life should be known. Be extremely discerning with what you share and what you post as it could be detrimental to your future.
2. Be selective with the people you share your life with. You are a direct reflection of those you surround yourself with. If you desire a healthy life, you have to align yourself with the people who share the same principles and goals. Do not be afraid to rid your life of some persons.
3. Guard your mouth. Sometimes we speak too much to the point we don’t even realize that we are giving power to our enemies. Speak less and DO MORE! Write down your goals, pray over and on them and align yourself to the people who can actually help you to achieve and while doing all these steps, CLOSE YOUR MOUTH.
4. Turn on private browsing on your love-life. ALL arguments or disagreements between you and your partner should remain within the relationship. When you get persons involve, you have just mixed the perfect antidote to kill your intimate relationship. An intimate relationship is extremely sensitive and delicate and once too many persons are digging away at it, it WILL die. Learn how to manage your relationship by understanding your partner and meet in the middle to discuss or talk about issues. Let others and their opinions be your last resort. Unless you are being abuse, learn to shut others out!
5. Learn to stand up for your beliefs! Set your own standards and adhere to them. Allow no one to step into your life and dictate how you should life it. It is your life and you are in total control so ensure you don’t give that seat to the world.

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