5 Ways You COULD be Ruining Your Relationship!

Relationship is hard work and it stands close to the proverb – “Whatsoever a man sows, that he will reapIt is imperative that you put in the necessary labor before it is too late and you could possible ruin a perfect love story.


Below are 5 MAJOR things you could possibly be doing within your relationship at this moment that could possibly destroy that bond in a few seconds from now.
1: Insecurity. Once in a while, we often wonder why someone would desire to be with us or why they even love us and that is perfectly normal. What is not normal is temper tantrums and unnecessary fights about social media or phone calls from the opposite sex. Release insecurity and enjoy your partner by respecting their life and their space.
2: Putting the needs of others before your partner’s. Always remember that when you engage in a relationship, you are basically joining yourself as one to the individual. Do not take it for granted that you already have someone and so you neglect their needs and put more emphasis on those of others.
3: Lack of support. If your partner desires to be a Supermodel and you show no support then you are basically telling your partner that their dreams, goals and aspirations are useless and mean nothing to you. A healthy relationship requires full support even if it sounds ridiculous to you.
4: Too many noses. When you involve your friends, family, enemies and even roaches, you are cooking a perfect meal to kill your relationship. A relationship is between two persons and should remain that way. When there are conflicts and there WILL be conflicts, keep it within the relationship. If it is that you desire a third opinion, seek a professional Counselor or if you can’t afford one, talk to someone who cares about you and someone who is not nosy and quick to gossip.


5: NO intimacy towards your partner.If you are not making love or thinking about making love with your partner, you are killing that relationship. The meaning of an intimate relationship is to explore intimacy and if you find that you have a lack of interest, it is time to  rekindle that spark before it is too late and your partner steps out.

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