6 Signs You May Be Sexually Incompatible!

An intimate relationship is stringent on intimacy. Accordingly, sex is what brings two persons together other than expressing feelings and showing emotions by the little things each partner do for each other. If the sex-life is jilted, the relationship is in danger as it could be a sign that the ship has a hole.
Below are 6 SIGNS not to ignore but to use to test if you are indeed sexually compatible with your partner.
1. Predictable sex-life. If you find that you have sex on a schedule, your relationship is in danger. It could be that both partners lead extremely busy lives and are even married with kids and that is quite understandable but there must be some spontaneity to the relationship or one partner is going to seek it in other places.
2. There is no common ground for sexual acts. If it is that your partner enjoys oral sex and you don’t, there will be conflicts in the bed. You and your partner can differ on several sexual practices but when you are both on different pages sexually, there will be a huge problem which can lead to termination of that relationship.


3. Emotionally distracted during sex. If you find that you are in the middle of sex thinking on dinner, work or someone else, it is time to really face the truth about that relationship. When two persons really love each other and are really into each other, there are no distractions.
4. You most times have to finish yourself by yourself. Sex is not supposed to be a selfish practice. It is supposed to be an act of compassion and romance which means that the needs of your partner should be your first priority and NOT your own.
5. You seldom have sex. Sex, by several studies, have revealed to be a stress reliever, a happy mood booster and healthy for life. If you look at your partner and see nothing intimate that enacts a sexual desire at least three times for the week, it is time to have intervention with yourself and your partner.
6. No orgasms. If you are having sex and gaining no pleasure, it makes no sense as that is torture. Sex, as stated before, is not a selfish act and each partner must ensure you are satisfying the sexual needs of each other which means ensuring your partner climax or have an orgasm.

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