7 Sex Tips for Long Term Couples!

Sex is meant to be fun and it also push couples to get creative and to keep the sexual energy alive.
Below are 7 SEX TIPS for those who desire to have a long-lasting intimate relationship.
1. Explore your fantasies. Don’t be timid or afraid to share with your partner your deepest desires. Be bold and be open even if it doesn’t work in your favor.
Always remember that your fantasies don’t necessarily have to excited your partner but present it in a manner that suggests your intense desire.
2. Surprise your partner. When sex becomes monotonous, it can lead to infidelity. Surprise your partner with something creative and seductive.
3. Engage in morning sex frequently. There is something exciting about it that sets the mood for the day. Give your partner something to reminisce on with some good love-making.
4. Sexually creative. Use your knowledge of your partner and your senses to do something your partner will never forget.
5. Abuse technology. We spend most of our time communicating via technology so make it work for you. Write the teaser texts and send the suggestive pictures. Use it to rekindle the flame.
6. Become the master of foreplay. Foreplay sets the mood and the direction of where the intimacy is going. Don’t just attack your partner sexually but spend time to know what exactly your partner likes and dislikes and use that information to turn them on like never before.
7. Push pride aside! When it comes to sex and intimacy, there is no shade. Be ready to be all out or you will be left behind. A man is not seeking a woman who has no standards but he is seeking a woman that is in tune with her sexuality and femininity and she is not fearful to explore her dimensions. Equally, a woman is not searching for “Mandingo” or “Stud” but she wants a man that listens to her needs and he knows exactly how to bring her to an orgasm.

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