5 GREAT Relationship Tips from Couple MARRIED for 38 YEARS!

Who are you taking relationship advice from?


To have success, you must learn the habits and lifestyle of those who are successful.
      Learn to quickly forgive.Once there is a disagreement or an issue, sit and talk about it. It is not wise to store it within as you will surely ruin what could be a quick fix and possibly can cost you the love of your life.

    Drop pride. Ladies, it is perfectly okay to lend support to your man. It has been said that a man should be the “Breadwinner” and so it should be but if your man find himself running low and you can offer assistance, drop pride and help your man. Pride can surely kill any progression a relationship desire to venture.

Learn to be respectful of each other lives. When your partner leaves a private matter around you whether by accident or by design, it is not for you to go searching for trouble. Ladies, if you see your man’s phone unlock, leave it alone. Show respect.


        Never lie. Once you give your partner a hint of mistrust, you are killing that relationship. Avoid situations that will force you to fabricate stories or to lie to your partner.
         Include GOD. A relationship cannot stand the test of time without the maker of true unconditional love. Ensure to pray as a couple and ensure to be that strength for your partner spiritually.




Happily MARRIED Couple

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