5 Things You Should NEVER Say To Your NEW LOVE!

It is so easy to say what you should reserve to say. Not all details of your past should to be revealed to your present partner especially when you are trying to get to know someone.




“My Ex was so good in bed”Your Ex should never be brought up in that light where your current partner feels threatened or being compared to. Limit the amount of discussions around your Ex and what you used to do in your past intimate relationship.
“I’m not the committed type”It is not wise to state that you are not into commitment as this can surely kill the chemistry. If you are not into commitment, stay away from such relationship that demands you to be. Even in jest, you must ensure you limit what you say as a sign of respect.


“How many sex partners you had before?”Asking your new partner how many sex partners they had is extremely disrespectful. A person is entitled to share what they desire and withhold what they desire. When you ask a question as this, it suggests disrespect and also casts judgment. Be respectful and over time if the person desire to open up that side of their past and ultimately their heart to you, they will.
“I love attention and if I don’t get it, I flip” Seeking attention from someone you are head over heels for is normal and is accepted. What is unacceptable is demanding that persons give you attention when you need it, how you need it all the time. Although in a relationship, one must always be reminded that we are all autonomous creatures which mean you are unique within your own rights and you were designed to operate independently and co-dependently. No one is hooked to no one and such, when someone gives you their time, be grateful instead of demanding.


“When I am in my zone, I don’t want no one around me” It is quite understandable to be moody as each moment brings out a different emotion but to tell someone that you need to stay away is a sure way to keep them away from you.

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