7 TRUTHS about "PERFECT" Relationships!

We all desire that perfect relationship but truth is there are some “truths” you need to know.
You will argue. Keep in mind that you are two different individuals with different experiences and different perspectives and because of this, you will have differences so arguments will flare. Your responsibility is to ensure that you keep the arguments within a container and that you resolve issues when they arise.
You will desire space away from your partner/lover. In the beginning you will always desire to be around your lover and some couples after twenty (20) years still have that strong chemistry. However, it should not be negated the reality that there are those who desire their space and that is normal. What is unacceptable is consistently pushing away your partner without a reason or an explanation.
Your relationship will get complacent at different intervals. If you are spending time with someone on the regular, you will become acclimatize to them and so you will get to a point of comfort and that most times lead to complacency. This is normal. What is abnormal and unacceptable is staying within this phase for an extensive period of time. Relationship is hard labor – you must invest to reap which means you cannot allow yourself to get too comfortable to the point where your partner is neglected.


It is possible that you will be attracted to other persons. This happens and this is normal but it doesn’t permit you to cheat or to disrespect your partner. You are human and you are filled with emotions – both women and men and because of this, it is possible to be attracted to someone who makes you laugh and gives you more attention than your partner. Be careful though because once you get deep, it may cost you your relationship.
Your sex life will change. Your sex game will change because overtime, you will become familiar with your partner. It is therefore extremely important that you keep your sex life active and spontaneous.
You won’t always like your partner. There will be arguments and disagreements and this can affect how you feel about your partner but not to fear, these spurs of emotions doesn’t last, well try not to let them.


You won’t always be in the “butterflies” phase. The “butterflies” eventually die and reality will kick in. Enjoy the beginning of new love – it is exciting and it is fun but keep in the back of your mind that at some point, your partner will see and experience the real you.

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