5 Ways to Protect Your NEW Love!

A relationship when new can cause major catastrophe if not accepted or approved. It is therefore your responsibility as a partner to ensure you protect the foundations of what you are trying to build.
Here are 5 ways to protect you, your new love and a potential lifetime bond.

SHUT YOUR MOUTH.  Limit and if possible avoid sharing personal details of your new found lover. Some persons will use that same information against you to either discourage you from further entertaining a love-life with the individual.

SHUT NEGATIVE WORDS AWAY. Some persons will rush to tell you that you are moving too fast and you shouldn’t trust but avoid such persons. Get to know persons for who they are and not judge them based on others’ experiences or those of your past.
Don’t be too quick to introduce your new lover! Get to know the person for yourself and when you are comfortable at a stage with an established and mutual understanding that you are in a relationship, go ahead and show them off!
Allow the GOOD stuff to flow in and out of your new love. Don’t be afraid to express how you feel to each other. Enjoy falling in love as it is indeed a great feeling and it is not a privilege – you deserve to fall in love.

Avoid social media with your personal life. Not everything that happens in your life should be posted. Most of the problems relationship are stemming from social media. Whilst social media is a very powerful tool, it is also detrimental if overused or misused.


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