7 Signs Mr. Right could be Mr. Wrong!

You can get carried away in the beginning of a relationship to a point where you even start to plan your wedding. Whilst it is encouraged that you embrace the feelings of infatuation and love in the romantic phases, you should not close your eyes to see what you need to as a means to assess if a man is really for you.

Below are 7 SIGNS to look out for:

He is too perfect! If something is too good to be true, most times, it is a lie. No one is perfect and no one is flawless so if you find a man showing you all the great things you see portrayed in the movies, think twice.
History of women drama! When a man has a past that degrades and belittle women and he has a list that outruns the Bible, ladies – be extremely cautious.
He enjoys you spending! A man was created to provide. If you find yourself with a man that loves to sleep and relax every day and depends on the “universe” to feed him, it is best you walk away if you are seeking a meaningful relationship. A man must be independent and a man must ensure his masculinity doesn’t get hidden but shown in how he takes care of his woman and his family.

Too many female “friends” and you are not introduce to one! When a man has this charade going, it is either you are also known as a “friend” to the other “friends” or he is simply not sure if you are worth introducing to others. Either of the two is bad for you.

Dates are always “Netflix & Chill”! Lying around and watching movies are indeed romantic but you should question why dates are always inside and not out. You should question what exactly is so wrong about you that it is best you are left in the shadows of the nights. If something feels “shady”, follow your guts.
The Narcissist. It is almost impossible to get such a personality to be loving and self-less. A man that brags on and on about his achievements is a man that is best be alone if you are seeking a healthy long-term relationship. If you are seeking a man to love and adore you and a man who thinks of your needs alongside his, a narcissist is not a good choice.

Busy but finds time to chill with the guys! If a man tells you he is too busy to date you, talk to you and to be with you, he is simply not interested to the point he believes you are worth investing time into. No one is ever too busy, it is all about priorities.


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