7 Signs You Are Dating the Wrong Woman!

A man realizes that a good woman is a great asset to long life, great health and a great contribution to his overall happiness. When a man goes searching for this woman who is going to be his lifetime partner, he is not expecting to find perfection, he is seeking for a woman he is proud to have, a woman who lends support and strength when he is low. He is searching for a powerhouse with class and beauty.
Below are 7 CLEAR signs that is a sure way to know you may have the wrong female dating if you are looking for the woman that possesses the standards outline above.
She brings out the bad side of you. If you find that being around this female brings out all the negatives to the point where you have to pump up yourself to be around her, reconsider going into a committed relationship. A partner must bring out the best in you most of the times.

The “Reprimander”. When God created humans, He made man first and woman second and in this order, so should it be in relationship. Gentlemen, you are not to submit to any woman. You are to submit to God and the woman to you. This means you are the “Head” and the woman your “rib”. A woman MUST be treasured, respected and loved but should not be given the right to dominate the relationship. If you find that she displays this personality trait, think about the issues that will come forth especially if you are the domineering type.

Puts you down before others! A woman must have her man‘s back! This means, if an issue arises, she shouldn’t be quick to downplay his role and disrespect him before others. A woman must ensure her man not only looks like is well taken care of but also to ensure others see clearly that he is “the” man and in charge.
Manipulative! Woman from the beginning of time are known to be persuasive. I say this boldly – a woman can get a man do exactly what she desires if she knows that spot that the man is weak in. With that established, a woman who always play on that “weak spot” is dangerous and so it is extremely important for a man to be able to discern and detect when he is being used.
Little to NO affection. If a woman is not into you, it will be known – simple. If you are dating someone and she shows no signs of emotions that possibly looks like she is interested, reconsider going forward.
No support of dreams/goals. If you share your dreams or goals with her and she passes it off like it is insignificant, do not hesitate to walk away. A woman loves when a man supports her in every way and so should it be reciprocated to you. A relationship is a partnership; it is not a one way street.
Long history of short-term relationships. It is quite understandable when a relationship ends, a person seeks another but a history of short-term relationship gives the impression of one searching for who they are and if you are the type of man ready to settle down, this person is not ideal.

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