5 POWERFUL Ways to Healthy Venting!

Venting is often boxed in a negative light.

However, venting is quite healthy as it is a means to let out the negative and a way to refresh your mental state. One of the major reasons why crime is so rampant and its rate is so high is simply because men are cultured to think, believe and act in a way that resonates a stoic vessel. Men and now women are taught that being tough gets you ahead in the game and being who you were created to be is irrelevant.Venting your emotions is therefore unacceptable and reflects weakness but within venting holds a powerful force – YOU LET GO!

1. WRITING! Writing is one of the most powerful means to get out true emotions. When you write, it allows you to flesh out how you really feel about something or someone and it also gives you the opportunity to relive the memory and provides a way for you to change or improve on yourself.


2: MEDITATION. Meditating not only relaxes but it gives you a deep understanding of why certain things took place within you and within your life.

3: CRY. God gave you tears for a reason. USE IT! Let it out and let it go.


4:  TALK to someone you can trust! It is always best to get someone involve as it gives you a different perspective on whatever it may be that caused you to be bitter and angry within. Sometimes, in talking to someone, you realize the reason you should really let go.
5: PRAY! Who else is best to vent to but God? He created you and He knows you more than you actually know yourself. Most times the problem lies within you not reaching out to God!

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