5 Ways to STOP being a NAGGING WOMAN!

Most women are highly emotional and extremely observant. This can result in them digging and even stalking into someone they are interested in or are involved in a relationship with for issues when sometimes there are none. 
Most men accordingly, do understand that women are emotional and respectfully, they accept this fact and try to make room for this. However, too much of anything can lead to destruction and so when a woman go seeking issues, a man will soothe it down for a while by offering comfort, intimacy and even explanations but a man will take no more when he consistently have to reassure and soothe petty arguments 24/7.
Here are five (5) ways to rid yourself of this habit:
1: Give your man time and space. No one likes to feel imprisoned in a relationship. Allow persons to be free and to be themselves. If a man feels enslaved, he will find someone else who will allow him to be free.
2: Learn to compromise on some things. Allow your man to watch his favorite movie or allow him to decide where the next date is going to be.
3: Learn how to communicate with your man. Every man on this earth is different so learn what your man likes and try to communicate with on that level.
4: DO NOT go through your man’s pockets, phones or anything that is private. Playing detective will certainly give you evidence of things that are better not known or seen and if  one should be honest, most times what you think it is, it is really nothing to be concerned about. A lot of women are prey to this as they develop the habit to go through their man’s phones and pockets. Give your man the benefit of the doubt and until you have hardcore evidence of your speculations, leave the man and his privacy alone.
5: Live your standard. If you desire your man to be faithful and respectful and loving, offer that to your man as well. Be a woman of integrity.

Proverbs 21:9  -It is better to live in a corner of the housetop than in a house shared with a quarrelsome wife.


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