Giving HIM the power to LEAD ME!

Most relationships struggle because how it was originally supposed to be, that form has changed and what has happened is there is a power battle between the sexes when there should be no battle but a foundation where the man is the head and the woman is his help-mate building together a home filled with love, respect and loyalty.
Shifting eras has however fueled this gender issue within relationship as women are now top-notch CEOs and men are led to believe that they are beneath women when they shouldn’t and sometimes this equates to the man using abusive patterns as a means to constrain or control that which the woman may display as power points. Case in point – a man may use harmful or harsh words towards his woman or wife as a means to showcase or to execute that he is in control.
Accordingly, this is now affecting relationships and so women who are seen as powerhouses in their careers are left single and broken.
Understand these 3 SIMPLE SOLUTIONS:

The man is the HEAD. Ladies, it is not about stooping or worshipping a man but it is a system that was created by the Creator to have order. If you are therefore required to follow your man’s lead, ensure you choose a man with a sound and stable mind who make decisions after evaluating consequences and not just a man who is lost with who he is and make decisions without thinking. It should also be mentioned that because the man is the Head, it doesn’t mean you as his woman has no voice because you do have a right to decisions but when making decisions, your man should be consulted and involved just as you are supposed to be involved in his decisions. Ensure you choose wisely the man you give your body and life over to.


You don’t have to win ALL arguments. Women are known to be filled with emotions which means they are always in need to express what and how they feel about a particular situation or someone and sometimes this is a major turn-off to a man. Men are logical and because you consistently have to get the last word in to which that can be the breaking point where that is your last word to that man. Sometimes, even when you know within you are correct about something, it is best to just agree to settle an argument.

For the sake of love, it is sometimes best to just agree even if you don’t.
Submit to your man. To the ladies who are leaders in their careers, I say learn to give the lead to your man or your husband. Your career is not the same as your relationship and you have to learn how to separate the two and not cross them as it will break you. The Bible quotes that a woman must submit to her husband which means obedience. Now, a lot of females will reject this concept but if you have a man who is dignified in his character, you will have no issues with the standards he sets over your relationship. It should also be said that submitting to abuse is prohibited as God never once said a woman should sit and take abuse. As stated, if your man is true in his character, his leadership is one to enhance the relationship not to bring you down to your knees crying.
Ladies, if you desire a healthy and lifetime relationship, you have to be governed by morals. If you give society and social media the power over who you are, you will be led astray and the result is – you will live a life that looks good to the public but in private, you are most miserable and unhappy. You don’t have to be religious to understand why God initially set these principles, it is there for order but it is also there for the sake of your joy, peace and happiness.



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