It is not that you are infallible but it is that you believe that the same God that created you have engraved in your DNA – GREATEST. Yes you are a limited resource but do you really KNOW what is within you?
Here are 7 LIES to smash immediately!
1: You are your past. NO! Your past is a journey of events that took place before your present and whether they are good or bad, it doesn’t define or confine you from changing your blueprint and becoming whosoever you desire to be. You are not tied to your past in any way unless you allow it to. Use your past to groom you and if it is negative, use it to push you into a positive direction and if it was positive, build on that and expand your potentials.
2: “A leopard never changes its spots”! ALL LIES. You have the right to change your mind and you have the right to change. All it takes is a decision and that is it. Biblically, when the Prodigal Son went back to his father, all he did was change his mind and decided he was no longer living with pigs and that he was royalty and that was it. You can if you desire to change to actually change with CONFIDENCE and a mindset to change!
3: You need a partner and money to be happy and  NO, you really don’t. It is not your partner’s duty to ensure you are happy. Yes they contribute to your happiness because once someone is in your life surely they will affect it but it is not their duty. Understand that true happiness comes from the love within you and a relationship with God. It cannot be bought so money can afford you material things but things doesn’t bring fulfillment. If they did, a lot of celebrities would be alive today. To truly experience happiness you have to confront you and within that confrontation, build a relationship with yourself. When it is time to give of you to your lover, you are a complete package and not depleted in any way, shape or form!
4: Success is not working hard but working smart! Our generation has been taught to believe that if we can plug in a formula in a computing system, we can have an invention and yes there are some truths to this. However, success is to those who have labored and when completed can actually rejoice and have a true appreciation for what is termed as accomplishment. When you start from the bottom and after 15 years of training and intense dedication you arrive at the top, you have a true appreciation for hard-work and also love for those who helped you along the way.
5: “I am too old for …” Once you breathe air, you can achieve anything. Age is not a limiting factor. The only limitation before you is you.  Persons who are in their 80’s are shooting after a Bachelor’s Degree. There are no excuses to achieve your dreams.
6: You are selfish if you are self-centered!Absolutely negative! You have to ensure you are full before you can pour into someone else. Selfishness is coming from a place of envy whilst self-centered as the word hints is simply ensuring you are your first priority and once you are stable you can assist others. You are indeed a limited resource which means you cannot give to the world and forsake your needs. Give to you first!
7: “Suzie/Roger is better than me!” Shut that off immediately. Mankind was created equal and yes some may climb the social ladder a lot faster than you and even possess possessions you can only watch the celebrities flaunt in the media, it still doesn’t make him/her better than you or anyone else. Don’t believe? After all is said and done, mankind has 1 fate – death!



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