How important is hygiene in relationship?

woman-covering-nose-because-the-man-stinks-614x500Persons tend to believe that once in a relationship, personal hygiene is not that big of an issue since a relationship is already established. However, personal hygiene can be seen critical to intimate relationships by the rants and frustrated couples who vent to social media their turn-offs once in a committed relationship.

For the ladies, they stop combing their hair and ensuring all the hair on their bodies are groomed and tamed, they stop seeing taking a bath or shower as priority and this has become a major turn-off to the men. For the gentlemen, ensuring nails are groomed in not an option and taking a bath has become a major fear and this can affect the intimacy in relationship.


It is extremely important for one to see and exercise habits that are in their best interest and these habits should reflect cleanliness. How you take care of your body is a direct reflection of how you view your relationship – important OR unimportant. You cannot complain that your man has lost interest in you sexually when you have a high intolerable body odour or you wear clothes that has not seen water and soap in months. You cannot complain gentlemen when your woman has no desire to surprise you to an evening of intense love-making because when she looks at you, you see hair long to the floor growing from your face. You need to ensure that you take care of you for you as well. It is not so much to excite your partner but also for your own health.



Take some pride in yourself so others can not only admire you but also desire to emulate you.


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