Self-love before you FALL IN THE WRONG ARMS!

decisiontolove-57018f503df78c7d9e64cb87Love is a conscious decision!

Most persons make the mistake of thinking love is a feeling but it is actually a choice. Falling in love is totally dependent on emotions but love is something you wake up every day and you decide to do because it is right.

Self-love is highly important because if you cannot love the core of who you are and appreciate everything about your character even your flaws, it is almost impossible for you  to have healthy friendships and maintain a healthy relationship. This is the major downfall for many women and men – there is no real bond with self and what has resulted is a lot of the males and females living in the fantasy of social media seeking likes and approval. If you have never experienced self-love, you are basically living on the edge because you would have put yourself in the position to accept any and everything the “world” decided to throw at you.



Spend time with yourself! Learn to be single and appreciate it. Use that time to intentionally work on you and you do this by journaling your emotions and your thoughts. Words when written and spoken are active and powerful and so it is recommended by many Counselors that persons write down their feelings, goals, dreams, likes and dislikes. It is also recommended that persons take walks by themselves, take themselves out to shopping and to dinner. Enjoy your company so when you bump into Mr. Right, there is no confusion if he is the 1 or not because you would have known who you are, and you would have activated your self-love and confidence.


Take the time to love you, you are worth the sacrifice.


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