Should a woman reveal her sex history to a man she dates?


There is a theory that in order to test the chemistry and compatibility of 2 persons who are looking to start a relationship, they both should go clean with each other. But, how far is too far?


Firstly, I stand correct when I say it is extremely imperative for a man and a woman who are looking forward to start a relationship to outline vividly their standards and expectations from day 1. It is important so both persons can evaluate based on what is put on table to determine if they desire to go further or terminate the fling. What is totally crossing the borders is when persons who are dating are giving out personal information and historical data. Dating is not a relationship and so persons should work their value and worth to prove to you that they are deserving of you.

Dating is the stage where 2 persons test the waters. It is not the final destination unless both parties agree to take it to the next level. It is therefore within your best interest to keep your mouth closed on personal matters until or if the next level is unlock.


So, should a woman spill the beans to someone she is committed to?


Although many ladies fear that this information will be used to judge and to draw conclusions about their characters, it is within transparency of a committed relationship you see the truth about how someone really feels about you. If the man you are in love with uses personal information against you, maybe that man is not for you as love does not judge. If after sharing your sexual history which is infinite and that man feels a bit uneasy, he should say so and as his partner, it is your duty to ensure you offer comfort and security to that man.

A guy you date has no right in your personal circle. Ensure to keep you and your personal life secured.


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