Should I really blame the side-chick?


Unfortunately there are those unhealthy “situationships” where 2 women are involved with 1 man with both believing they are the only one. Most times, 1 female is the main woman and the other is the “side chick”. What happens most times when both women are made aware of each other is a complete disaster and some even result in fatality.

Truth is, most times the side chick believes she is the only one because that is what she has been told and fed from her supposedly man and so it is for the main woman or wife. If evaluated deeper, there is a common denominator – the man.


Women are so quick to fight each other over something that wasn’t created by their own doings or something that they are totally ignorant to and this makes them looks degrading and immature.

If you are in a committed relationship and to your knowledge, you are the only 1 and months or even years down the line you come to the realization that you are 1 among a million, simply walk away. Choose class over anger because what class and grace do is set you a part and upon a pedestal that the man that once played you will have to look on you in a different light whether he desires to or not. It is indeed human nature to act in anger when unfair acts are done against someone innocent and so yes you may be extremely angry having to find out that after 5 years ,your man is unfaithful. But, fighting the woman won’t change the reality and fighting your man won’t either. Playing the blame game will only make situation worse.

So should you blame the side-chick, the man or yourself?

Blame NO ONE but rather decide to walk away with grace and class!

Cheating is unacceptable!




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