Should we watch?

Some women are intrigued to sit and watch pornography as means to spark sexual tensions and flames between them and their men. This however can become addictive and once it reaches this stage, it can be destructive to any relationship.

Should couples sit and watch porn?


A woman may as means to get the fire burning, entertain the idea of watching porn before the main act and to some degree, it may work as both partners by watching and listening can be aroused but once it is planted in the mind, it is almost impossible for many men to stay away.


So what are the dangers men are faced with from watching porn?

  • Overtime your presence won’t be enough to excite your man and he will lean mostly on porn to get aroused and this will be a definite turn-off after time for you. A woman’s strength is in her sexuality and if that is ignored, it can dampen her self-esteem and confidence.
  • Your intimate time will be a watch and learn if not controlled. This affects many women as they are led to believe that whatever tricks they got in the bedroom is simply not enough as their men turn to porn as guide as to how to please him.
  • It will force your man into thinking love-making is pretty much boring and being hardcore like what he is watching is what is necessary and exhilarating.
  • Porn is a selfish habit to attain as it forces the man to think about his orgasm opposed to ensuring his woman is not only excited but that she enjoys it.

A man addicted to pornography is dangerous as this addiction is one that is almost impossible to stay away from.

Ladies, the choice is yours!


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