The Consequences of Cheating!

Many persons say infidelity is inevitable within this era as technology has created the path for persons to be enticed and even to indulge. Persons are indulging with no fear and no guilt and what this does is create a nation of persons who entertain immorality and wrongs.


It has reached a point where a man will go out and cheat, goes home to his wife and demand his wife to have sex with him. Maybe this is a way to escape the reality but the fact remains, it is low, wrong and extremely sad that we have reached the point to where we not only accept this but we promote this.

Before you indulge, think on these factors.

  • Your character will soil. Once your partner discovers that you have lied to him or her and went as far as to tamper with their trust that relationship is on thin ice. Your character will immediately transform before your partner even if they do forgive you.
  • Trust will be broken. 1 of the major components of a healthy relationship is untainted trust. Once trust is tampered with, it makes the relationship miserable which is directing that relationship directly into a wall with no brakes. 


  • You are risking your love for infatuation or lust. A lot of men fall prey to this trap as a man will see a woman who is 10 times sexier than his partner and immediately is attracted and it must be said, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this. It is normal to be attracted to nice things and people but there is a line that should not be crossed once in a committed relationship. Unfortunately, some men have risked it and have lost their loyal and loving partners to infidelity for an attractive 1-night pleasure.


Cheating is nothing new but it is time for persons to see the danger within the pleasure they see as nothing once it is kept beneath the rug.



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