Men are known to be logical which means they are straightforward with what they desire and treasure.


Women, on the other hand, are known as the emotional gender and are somewhat more challenging to depict who they see as their number 1 as a woman will meet a man today and in a minute she thinks he is her soul-mate because of how she feels and not really because of whom that man is.

Below are 3 clear signs to predict if he is really into you.

1: He makes you known to friends and family. Men, at least most of them, value their families and what their families stand for. So when they believe in a woman that she indeed matches the values perfectly, that man will make an introduction of her to his loved ones. There are certainly cases where men have taken their woman to their families and the family knowing that this woman is 1 among many will pretend and make that woman feel as if she is about to wear a ring. However, a man of high morals and values who introduces his woman to his family and friends potentially sees this woman as his wife.

2: He ensures you are financially and emotionally secured. A man who cares if the person he is seeing as his personal woman has food on her table, a roof over her head and clothes on her back is a man that sees his woman as treasurable. Ladies, if you are sleeping with a man and you have an empty refrigerator in which you made your man fully aware of and he does nothing about it, he simply doesn’t care. It is not that a man is obligated to you but it stands out when a man makes his woman’s needs his priority.


3: He changes his lifestyle to make you comfortable. Anyone, once the reward is exceptional, will amend to reap. If you are having a major issue with your man hanging out 7 days a week and you state your discomfort and nothing changes, he simply doesn’t think bending his ways to make you comfortable is worth it. It is not that you are asking him to change who he is but simply because you cannot enter someone’s life and remain 100% in your ways. Relationship stands on compromising 99% so if he is unwilling to give that you, he doesn’t see the value in the sacrifice.


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