4 GREAT Reasons to consider staying away from your ex-lover!

There is a notion lingering that you can be best friend with your ex because both parties would have moved on and also would have built a friendship with mutual respect for each other. However, it is believe by majority that this is impossible as it is seen as disrespectful and borders on both parties getting back together or even crossing the lines.


Here are 4 GREAT Reasons to consider staying away from your ex-lover:

1: It is easy to go back to what is familiar. This is the place that you were once comfortable in even it was a place of emotional pain. This place is easy to feel safe at. It is therefore wise to leave your ex-lover where he/she belongs – in the history files of your life. You may believe everything is okay and even easier to be friends but is a trap waiting to explode.


2: It is disrespectful to your present relationship if you are in one. It sends the wrong message to your current partner that you are holding on and it can and will threaten your relationship.

3: You will realize things you don’t need to know about you ex. Your ex will probably start revealing things about the past relationship which is not healthy if you are trying to progress and move forward. You cannot move up if you have the past wrapped around your ankles.


4: It can attract negativity to your current relationship. Relationship is very delicate and when you end one, it is best to walk fully away as you could possibly take with you all the negative energy with you and having a friendship with an ex can entertain this negative energy in your life ultimately adding a major dent in your relationship. It is already difficult to heal and deal again with a new relationship so avoid having the past lingering at your relationship’s door.


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