3 Reasons to Consider Celibacy!

Sex is an extremely and quite popular topic. On the flip side of things, it can be detrimental and so it is recommended that persons consider celibacy until they are free from certain practices like promiscuity.


Here are 3 MAJOR reasons to consider going celibate:

#1: It makes you appreciate your body and your personality. We tend to spend a lot of time on others and what our relationship needs to grow and be spontaneous and interesting but neglect our own needs. When you spend time on you, you learn to love yourself ANEW and even will discover new things about you which are extremely beautiful and admirable.


#2: It forces you to connect to your soul. You will start to feel spiritually plugged to God. It is not to say those who are engaged in sexual relationships are sinful and wicked and doesn’t have a connection to God. It is just that with celibacy, it forces you to go deeper. You will start to even find yourself thinking on a deeper level and your eyes will be opened to things you never would have seen if you were in a relationship.

#3: You will redefine your self-value, self-respect and self-confidence. In spending time with yourself and learning who you truly are on all dimensions, you will start to appreciate not just your body but also what you have within to offer to a relationship and ultimately to your life. You will find intricate details about who you are and this will enlighten you to foster within a boost that can and will change your entire perspective about who you are, why you are here and what you have to offer and this will definitely reflects through your life.


Celibacy is often laughed at and not appreciated in the capacity it should but within it, hold a powerful weapon and that is a NEW YOU!


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