Do men talk about women like how women talk about men?



Men do talk and believe it – they do compare women. Women are of strong belief that because most men are naturally introverted, they are not the talkative type around their friends but they actually are quite so.

So, what do they talk about?

SEX! Yes men talk about sex and they do discuss just as women the sexual positions, the feelings, simply all the intimate details you can think about and yes they compare their partners – both past and present ones.


Their women and the impact on their lives. Men do talk about their women and believe it that some adore their wives/spouses and that comes out in conversations around their friends. Most women would be astonished at the things that are actually said about them because of the belief that men are not emotional but they actually are.


Status/Role. Men do sit and discuss who they believe is made up of silk and cotton oppose to the ones made up of the “cheap” material they despise. A man will have sex with 100 women and change his entire life because 1 came along that stood out. They do discuss who they see as wives and those they see as  “one-night stands”.

Future blueprint. Most men do know exactly the characteristics they are searching for in a lifetime partner and they actually know the kind of life they desire. They do talk about this with their friends and even with their families. A man knows if the woman he is dating is someone he sees a future with and that usually is known by the things he says and does.

Ladies, please believe that although it is said that men are not as emotional as women and are viewed to be introverted, they do talk about you so ensure you give them something awe-inspiring to say about you.


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