Is a 1-night stand all that bad?


It has been quoted that a man can chase a woman for years and when he has won his tournament, he is disappointed and relationship failed. Whilst a man can meet a woman and after a few hours, they get intimate and end up married and having a healthy lifestyle together.

Yes, it is really a risk but for some persons it works perfectly in their favor and for some it is quite the opposite. Another interesting thing to note is that some persons actually prefer these kinds of situation as they rather to have intimacy without commitment or obligations.

There are 2 factors to consider when one choses to venture this track.

1: Your GOOD NAME. It is indeed a risk to have sex with someone in a night or even in a few days and not worry that your reputation won’t be tainted especially as a woman. A man can do this and he will be given a crown but when a woman approaches the bench, she is scorned and looked down on. Accordingly, many women will feel a strong chemistry with the man they are meeting for the first time and refuse to give into it and some even run far from it because they are fearful they will be looked on in a negative light.


2: Your personality will be judged. It is of strong belief by many women that a man will judge if she is wife material or just a fling for a night dependent on how soon she gives up her “cookies”. So many are trapped into thinking if they keep the lid on the cookie jar for a year, they can expect an engagement ring. Yes a woman should value her worth and worth her value but in love and life, all things are a risk.

one-night-stands 2

While it is safe to date and do this for a period and in some cases – an extensive one, to really evaluate someone before jumping to a relationship, some persons have knocked the boots once and that was all it took to their “happily ever after”.

It is therefore safe to say – do not judge a situation.


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