How often should couples have sex?


Intimacy is extremely important to intimate relationship but it can be a total disaster if it is lacking chemistry and also if it is overdone. A survey was done and the results are in.

How often should couples have sex?

Should it be every night?

Every chance they get?

Should it be budgeted or scheduled?

Just…how often?

“As often as they can. Sex should be spontaneous and fun! It also depends on the level of sexual tension between two persons and in some cases it is because the two love sex so they do it often and I agree with that” –AW

“10 times a week. You cannot restrict intimacy.” –JW


“As often as they can because after a while a man will not be able to rise to the occasion.” DS

“Well, if a guy going to work me out all week, it won’t work. A female body needs rest and if you are having sex all week, you can get bruised which can lead to infection. I am not about it. Anything that is done often will definitely destroy you.” –Shauna

“4 times a week I would say.” –GS

Yes sex should be spontaneous and yes it should be the place of release and joy but you have to understand that your body is a limited resource so like food or anything else – must be done in portions.

When couples stop having sex, their relationships become vulnerable to anger, detachment, infidelity and, ultimately, divorce.


 It is not that you are putting a schedule in place because that would erase the spontaneity and definitely dampens the chemistry but that you understand that in order for  you to always be healthy and ready to engage in sex, you must ensure your body is not over-run or run-down. The choice is really yours but it is recommended that couples should engage in sex by several Sex Therapist at least once every week.


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