The TRUTH about Office Romances!


You spend majority of your life working. You actually do. Additionally, you have no control over who you love. It is however dangerous to get intimately intertwine with someone who works where you do. Many have tried and have become lifetime partners but some attempted and not only did they ruin their reputation, they also wounded their own hearts.

So before you  set it off, consider these 3 factors!

#1: Your private life will be public news. Some persons will make it their #1 priority to seek and even fabricate stories about you and your relationship and once the rumors start to spread, your professional life will be affected. It is even worse hen you and your partner have issues as it can affect how you perform at your tasks on your job which can result in the company not upholding high performance standards. That is exactly why some companies don’t support intimate relationships as they see the demonic side of it and the catastrophic impact it can have.

#2: Your performance progression will be heavily scrutinized. If one party is dating let’s say a Manager, that person will not only be scrutinized but judged. For that person to get promoted, it will be twice as difficult as that individual will be in the spotlight. Another point to note is that some persons in certain power abuse this to their advantage in the sense of blackmail and manipulation.


#3: You can defile your character. You have to channel in mind relationship can fail and if they do within a professional setting, it can put a major dent in your reputation and even result in the company losing clients or customers. When a business is offering a professional service or product, customers want to see it within the workforce also and if the workforce is weak, this can result in clients or customers taking their businesses elsewhere.

Whilst some persons venture this dangerous journey and are success stories, it is best to think twice as it can result in your career coming to a halt.


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