Equal SEXUAL Rights!


The off-limits topic of sex has being plaguing our generation before our generation and women who were once silent ,now have a lot to say and not only are they saying it, they ensure it is the now lyrics to songs.

Should a woman demand the same intimate desires her man appreciates?

“Kes, if it is oral sex you talking, yes!!! Men enjoy when we do it so I don’t see why I should be pleasing my man and be left miserable. I am tired of men not caring about our sexual enjoyment too. I will do almost anything to make my man satisfied and to be honest, the day he stop pleasing me, I am going to be looking for a new relationship.” –ST

“It is not that we men don’t want to indulge in certain things to make our women feel good. It is a matter of being sure that the female is worth it because a lot of these women are gossips and once you do certain things in the bed room to her, she on her phone telling everyone in her contacts and that can scare a man. For a man go all out, the female must ensure he can trust her.” –David


“I am not being sexually submissive to no man if he is not ensuring I am having an orgasm every time we have sex. I mean, what is the real point of having sex? TO HAVE AN ORGASM. When a man having sex, he is not stopping until he releases so the main point of sex is to have an orgasm. It is a total upsetting thing when a man ensures he is pleases then rolls over and sleeps. I am not saying a man cannot do this to me but he will only get 1 chance to do that because that would be our last experience.” –Kim

“Some men are simply not into certain sexual activities and women need to simple go find their match instead of forcing something on a man. Some men prefer regular sex and some into freaky thing. If you are a freaky female, go find a man that can give you that. SIMPLE!” -MG


The women are requesting the men to take their sexual needs and fantasies into consideration. They are willing to ensure that their man or husband is sexually pleased but turning over to snore will surely kill the sexual chemistry and after all, that is the point of being intimate – to be totally lost intimately in each other.


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