IS she really sexy or FAKE?

With the desperate need for curves and massive ASSets, plastic surgery has now become the norm and seen as “trendy” as women are now comfortable to go in and get a consultant session to discuss the physical alterations they desire.

But, are the men really craving this?

Are the men lusting after this?

Is this appreciated and truly needed by men?

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“From a man’s point-of-view, I love my woman looking extremely sexy and gorgeous and if she has to pay for it, I will give her the money. Not everyone was birthed to look Caucasian or Mixed race to attain the beauty that comes with that. Just like how women wear weave, why not wear some silicone?” –Anonymous



“I am not sure where women got the idea that men love and crave fake bodies but I don’t. My wife is naturally beautiful and she doesn’t have a big butt or breasts or got her nose straighten or did she move fat from one part of her body to somewhere else. It is crazy and these women need to be careful because what these Plastic Surgeons won’t tell you is that there are some serious risks to it and to be honest, for some females it makes them look even deploring.” –Ryan C

“I have had work done on my body and to be honest, I got more attention and more money to my account so I would say – it added to my life. I am now an Instagram model raking in lots of cash by the minute. Some females bashing it simply because they cannot afford it but if they could, more females would and I see nothing wrong with that. Women just want to look sexy.” –KT

“I don’t see how man can love a woman that is fake right through – that is a total misfortune. I do not hate on these females. I am just saying – if her body fake, her personality is probably jacked up. Only an insecure woman does things like this and to be honest, I don’t know how some of you females are going to face God.” -Cindy

The choice is really that of the female!



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