Can music influence your relationship?

Music has been an escape for many. Some persons use music to heal and to some use music to even hypnotize and bring peace. Music is actually a true reflection of life and believe it or not, it does play a very important role in your life ultimately affecting your relationships.



1: It influences your emotions/moods. Whatever you listen to will impact how you feel. It doesn’t matter how much you self-talk positive things, your mood will be affected. It is therefore imperative to choose what you listen to as it will surely affect your relations with others.  For example, if you are consistently listening to music that degrades and influences you to not trust or love, even if your partner is “perfect”, you will relate to him/her according to what you are listening to.

2: It can shape your reality. If you are constantly listening to music that encourages violence or infidelity, it can impact your mindset which will encourage you to live what you are listening. Most criminals listen to certain types of music because they can relate to exactly what the song is portraying.tumblr_lq70q233Er1qjccmlo1_500.gif


3: It pushes you to act. Ever listening to a song about an ex-lover and all of a sudden you miss the relationship? Some persons are even pushed by their emotions to call their ex-lovers neglecting the real reasons why the relationship collapsed in the first place. Many persons can relate because it is a system – whatever you allow in your ears will control your behavior via your mind. Even the devil did that with Eve – he whispered to her and SIN came.


Music is therefore life and because it is, it is your responsibility to ensure you listen to music that can influence you in the direction you desire your life to go.


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