Confronting Your “JUDAS”!

fake-friends-wideGetting over a “Judas” is not as simple as 1 2 3 as many persons say it to be especially if that friend is closer than family itself! So how exactly should a woman handle a friend sleeping with her husband? How should a woman handle her friend sleeping with her ex? How should a woman handle every secret she shared with her friend, her man can repeat them word for word like karaoke?

Here are some suggestions:

  1. Get it clear and confront the reality. It is always best to confront problems when they are before you rather than pretending or plotting your revenge stunt. Have that conversation with that so-called black-women-arguingfriend letting her know very clear that you are aware of the betrayal and let them know exactly how you feel about it!
  2. Be true to how you feel. Once you have made that confrontation, it is okay to feel hurt so cry if you must, vent if you must. Feel your feelings and give your feelings time to process what exactly happened.
  3. Forgiveness or NO? It is perfectly acceptable to let go of what took place and stay clear of that individual. It is perfectly termed by several Counsellors as “loving from a distance” and it is exactly wise to do this to protect your heart and most importantly from making that mistake again.

    You Live. You Learn. You move.

  4. Learn your lesson. It is also suggested that you sit and really dissect what happened to you. Everything in life happens for a reason – always so it is always wise to take the wisdom from every situation as a means to not only not have a repeat but to also share your experiences with someone else to prevent that person from having that same experience.
  5. Let it go. Simple that – let baggage go!



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