The Separation of HEARTS & MONEY!

If you or someone close to you is facing a divorce or a relationship downhill, you will need to face the fact that the hearts and possessions ARE NOT connected. Understanding this from early out, will allow you to understand that when it comes to money, the heart is far as the east is from the west. So how should a woman handle not only her broken heart but also the splitting of assets?money

  • Understanding that money has nothing to do with the heart. Because someone is fighting you in the courts for what they are ofEaglerock-Photo-divorce-and-money-5_1_20121 strong conviction legally belongs to them, doesn’t mean they never once loved you or they currently hate your guts. It is simply the end of a marriage or a relationship and that person  just wants to take what belongs to them – simple as that. Ladies, you have to understand that most men are logical beings so once something is over, in their minds, they just want to take what they think is theirs and through the doors they go. You have to learn the tactics of transitioning and you do this using logical reasoning.
  • Be fair and give to ‘Caesar’ what belongs to him! As stated above, once you have passed the grieving of that failed marriage or relationship, you have to be fair and pass back the possessions that are requested by your once lover. For example, you both bought a motor vehicle, it is only fair to sell it and split the money. Do not hold on to something that is not completely yours. Do not let your emotions rule you into thinking how wicked your ex-partner is. Just understand that the person has a right to what he or she has invested into as well as you.Two hands gripping a yellow model house with grey roof
  • Starting over. It is always best to start afresh with everything afresh. This simply means, getting rid of things that remind you of what was. Sell the furniture if you must and get new furniture. What this does is help you to not only heal but to stay in a mental state that will bring total peace and comfort.

Understand that when it comes to the heart, money is a deal-breaker. It is not always easy when facing a divorce to be having discussions about what belongs to whom and how money will be split but reality is – you have to face the reality.


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