Can music influence your relationship?

Music has been an escape for many. Some persons use music to heal and to some use music to even hypnotize and bring peace. Music is actually a true reflection of life and believe it or not, it does play a very important role in your life ultimately affecting your relationships.


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IS she really sexy or FAKE?

With the desperate need for curves and massive ASSets, plastic surgery has now become the norm and seen as “trendy” as women are now comfortable to go in and get a consultant session to discuss the physical alterations they desire.

But, are the men really craving this?

Are the men lusting after this?

Is this appreciated and truly needed by men?

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5 Signs Your Partner is Controlling!

You can be in love at the beginning of an intimate relationship to the point you are dropping your standards and not even noticing it. There are some clear RED FLAGS you need to pay attention to. In the long run, it can be a major breakdown in the romance and it can even result in fatality. These signs are not telling you that you should play Detective and if you see 1 sign in your partner, run. It is simply a guide to guide you.


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The TRUTH about Office Romances!


You spend majority of your life working. You actually do. Additionally, you have no control over who you love. It is however dangerous to get intimately intertwine with someone who works where you do. Many have tried and have become lifetime partners but some attempted and not only did they ruin their reputation, they also wounded their hearts.

So before you  set it off, consider these 3 factors!

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Is a 1-night stand all that bad?


It has been quoted that a man can chase a woman for years and when he has won his tournament, he is disappointed and relationship failed. Whilst a man can meet a woman and after a few hours, they get intimate and end up married and having a healthy lifestyle together.

Yes, it is really a risk but for some persons it works perfectly in their favor and for some it is quite the opposite. Another interesting thing to note is that some persons actually prefer these kinds of situation as they rather to have intimacy without commitment or obligations.

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