4916Alot of men and women have the career, the wealth and yes they got the cars and the mansions but they have NO LOVER. It is a cold reality but hurts to the core to know that you spent your entire life building a career and at the end of it all – you realized at the age of Forty-Five (45), you forgot to create memories, you forgot to date, you forgot sex and so all you have is the money and a house filled with antique furniture shipped from Italy. Continue reading “RICH , POWERFUL & LONELY!”

3 POWERFUL Ways to Cope with Death!

There is NO explanation for death other than it was derived from sin. It is not easy to comfort a grieving heart as it is not easy to stand over the lifeless body of a loved one. There is no easy way to handle death and its lingering stain.
The five stages of grief:
·         Denial: “This can’t be happening to me.”
·         Anger: “Why is this happening? Who is to blame?”
·        Bargaining: “Make this not happen, and in return I will ____.”
·        Depression: “I’m too sad to do anything.”
·         Acceptance: “I’m at peace with what happened.”
Below are three (3) POWERFULmechanisms that have been tested and proven to offer solace once exercised.
1:Let it TOTALLY out! Tears don’t make you look weak and it is not a sign of weakness. God gave tears for a reason as he knew you would need your tears one day. Let it out – cry if you must, scream if you must. Simply, let it out. Take the time to grieve and if you need to be alone, take your alone time and grieve.
2: Accepting what is. Bring yourself to your reality that the person has died. It is wise to spend time with God during this stage. God will help you if you allow Him to. Use the Bible as a guide and over time, it will offer healing and that will bring you to a place of acceptance.
3:Breathe the fresh air again! Your loved one(s) would desire you to enjoy life. Time is indeed a pivotal factor as the grieving process do takes time but enjoy life by enrolling yourself back into the activities you used to do when the person was around, the things you enjoy doing. Sitting in pity and wallowing in grief for too long, (as anything done in excess) will do more damage than healing.
It is wise to keep a piece of item treasured by the person as means to celebrate their life. Death is not the end but the beginning of a NEW journey. It is a tough issue and an even more difficult situation to experience but truth is, we all must face it and the best way to handle death is to really ask God to keep your soul and to guard your destiny.







5 POWERFUL Ways to Healthy Venting!

Venting is often boxed in a negative light.

However, venting is quite healthy as it is a means to let out the negative and a way to refresh your mental state. One of the major reasons why crime is so rampant and its rate is so high is simply because men are cultured to think, believe and act in a way that resonates a stoic vessel. Men and now women are taught that being tough gets you ahead in the game and being who you were created to be is irrelevant.Venting your emotions is therefore unacceptable and reflects weakness but within venting holds a powerful force – YOU LET GO!

1. WRITING! Writing is one of the most powerful means to get out true emotions. When you write, it allows you to flesh out how you really feel about something or someone and it also gives you the opportunity to relive the memory and provides a way for you to change or improve on yourself.


2: MEDITATION. Meditating not only relaxes but it gives you a deep understanding of why certain things took place within you and within your life.

3: CRY. God gave you tears for a reason. USE IT! Let it out and let it go.


4:  TALK to someone you can trust! It is always best to get someone involve as it gives you a different perspective on whatever it may be that caused you to be bitter and angry within. Sometimes, in talking to someone, you realize the reason you should really let go.
5: PRAY! Who else is best to vent to but God? He created you and He knows you more than you actually know yourself. Most times the problem lies within you not reaching out to God!

5 POWERFUL Ways to Protect Your Personal Life!

Your life is your business and as the CEO of your life, you have to ensure that you create certain boundaries or standards that not only you are aware of but others.
Below are 5 POWERFUL ways to protect your privacy and also to ensure you live an intentional contented life.
1. Be selective with what you share on social media. The more you post personal information, the more you give your life over to the world. Not every detail of your life should be known. Be extremely discerning with what you share and what you post as it could be detrimental to your future.
2. Be selective with the people you share your life with. You are a direct reflection of those you surround yourself with. If you desire a healthy life, you have to align yourself with the people who share the same principles and goals. Do not be afraid to rid your life of some persons.
3. Guard your mouth. Sometimes we speak too much to the point we don’t even realize that we are giving power to our enemies. Speak less and DO MORE! Write down your goals, pray over and on them and align yourself to the people who can actually help you to achieve and while doing all these steps, CLOSE YOUR MOUTH.
4. Turn on private browsing on your love-life. ALL arguments or disagreements between you and your partner should remain within the relationship. When you get persons involve, you have just mixed the perfect antidote to kill your intimate relationship. An intimate relationship is extremely sensitive and delicate and once too many persons are digging away at it, it WILL die. Learn how to manage your relationship by understanding your partner and meet in the middle to discuss or talk about issues. Let others and their opinions be your last resort. Unless you are being abuse, learn to shut others out!
5. Learn to stand up for your beliefs! Set your own standards and adhere to them. Allow no one to step into your life and dictate how you should life it. It is your life and you are in total control so ensure you don’t give that seat to the world.

5 Ways to CELEBRATE Yourself!

Celebrating yourself is significant to self-love. When you activate the love within, you are able to see your perfections more than your flaws which activate your confidence.
Below are 5GREAT means to celebrate yourself:
§  Look at yourself in the mirror and speak beautiful words to yourself. Tell yourself that you are great and deserve to be rewarded.
§  Speak greatly about yourself to others. It is not pride, it is celebrating yourself and your achievements.
§  Take yourself on a date. Sounds crazy? It is not, it is actually extremely powerful when you can be in your own company and have a great time by yourself.


§  Take yourself on a vacation. You work hard, don’t you? Ensure that you reward yourself at every opportunity you get.
§  Capture every moment of your life by writing journals or taking pictures. Remember that life is about creating memories so ensure you capture great ones with those you love and those who love you.
Ensure that you live and you have fun. Life is about creating moments to cherish forever.