How often should couples have sex?


Intimacy is extremely important to intimate relationship but it can be a total disaster if it is lacking chemistry and also if it is overdone. A survey was done and the results are in.

How often should couples have sex?

Should it be every night?

Every chance they get?

Should it be budgeted or scheduled?

Just…how often?

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Is a 1-night stand all that bad?


It has been quoted that a man can chase a woman for years and when he has won his tournament, he is disappointed and relationship failed. Whilst a man can meet a woman and after a few hours, they get intimate and end up married and having a healthy lifestyle together.

Yes, it is really a risk but for some persons it works perfectly in their favor and for some it is quite the opposite. Another interesting thing to note is that some persons actually prefer these kinds of situation as they rather to have intimacy without commitment or obligations.

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4 GREAT Reasons to consider staying away from your ex-lover!

There is a notion lingering that you can be best friend with your ex because both parties would have moved on and also would have built a friendship with mutual respect for each other. However, it is believe by majority that this is impossible as it is seen as disrespectful and borders on both parties getting back together or even crossing the lines.


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Men are known to be logical which means they are straightforward with what they desire and treasure.


Women, on the other hand, are known as the emotional gender and are somewhat more challenging to depict who they see as their number 1 as a woman will meet a man today and in a minute she thinks he is her soul-mate because of how she feels and not really because of whom that man is.

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The Consequences of Cheating!

Many persons say infidelity is inevitable within this era as technology has created the path for persons to be enticed and even to indulge. Persons are indulging with no fear and no guilt and what this does is create a nation of persons who entertain immorality and wrongs.


It has reached a point where a man will go out and cheat, goes home to his wife and demand his wife to have sex with him. Maybe this is a way to escape the reality but the fact remains, it is low, wrong and extremely sad that we have reached the point to where we not only accept this but we promote this.

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