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5 Reasons Vacations could save your Relationship!

If you live a busy life especially if there are children involved, it is best for couples to invest in alone time together as this is the life-saver to their romance. 1: It brings them closer intimately. It is a time to reconnect and rekindle the fire between the two persons. Especially if the woman… Continue reading 5 Reasons Vacations could save your Relationship!

For Her, For Him

Can music influence your relationship?

Music has been an escape for many. Some persons use music to heal and to some use music to even hypnotize and bring peace. Music is actually a true reflection of life and believe it or not, it does play a very important role in your life ultimately affecting your relationships. 3 WAYS MUSIC INFLUENCES… Continue reading Can music influence your relationship?

For Her, For Him

IS she really sexy or FAKE?

With the desperate need for curves and massive ASSets, plastic surgery has now become the norm and seen as “trendy” as women are now comfortable to go in and get a consultant session to discuss the physical alterations they desire. But, are the men really craving this? Are the men lusting after this? Is this appreciated… Continue reading IS she really sexy or FAKE?

For Her, For Him

The TRUTH about Office Romances!

You spend majority of your life working. You actually do. Additionally, you have no control over who you love. It is however dangerous to get intimately intertwine with someone who works where you do. Many have tried and have become lifetime partners but some attempted and not only did they ruin their reputation, they also… Continue reading The TRUTH about Office Romances!

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5 Ways to CELEBRATE Yourself!

Celebrating yourself is significant to self-love. When you activate the love within, you are able to see your perfections more than your flaws which activate your confidence. Below are 5GREAT means to celebrate yourself: §  Look at yourself in the mirror and speak beautiful words to yourself. Tell yourself that you are great and deserve… Continue reading 5 Ways to CELEBRATE Yourself!