4916Alot of men and women have the career, the wealth and yes they got the cars and the mansions but they have NO LOVER. It is a cold reality but hurts to the core to know that you spent your entire life building a career and at the end of it all – you realized at the age of Forty-Five (45), you forgot to create memories, you forgot to date, you forgot sex and so all you have is the money and a house filled with antique furniture shipped from Italy. Continue reading “RICH , POWERFUL & LONELY!”

Can music influence your relationship?

Music has been an escape for many. Some persons use music to heal and to some use music to even hypnotize and bring peace. Music is actually a true reflection of life and believe it or not, it does play a very important role in your life ultimately affecting your relationships.


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IS she really sexy or FAKE?

With the desperate need for curves and massive ASSets, plastic surgery has now become the norm and seen as “trendy” as women are now comfortable to go in and get a consultant session to discuss the physical alterations they desire.

But, are the men really craving this?

Are the men lusting after this?

Is this appreciated and truly needed by men?

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5 Signs Your Partner is Controlling!

You can be in love at the beginning of an intimate relationship to the point you are dropping your standards and not even noticing it. There are some clear RED FLAGS you need to pay attention to. In the long run, it can be a major breakdown in the romance and it can even result in fatality. These signs are not telling you that you should play Detective and if you see 1 sign in your partner, run. It is simply a guide to guide you.


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The TRUTH about Office Romances!


You spend majority of your life working. You actually do. Additionally, you have no control over who you love. It is however dangerous to get intimately intertwine with someone who works where you do. Many have tried and have become lifetime partners but some attempted and not only did they ruin their reputation, they also wounded their hearts.

So before you  set it off, consider these 3 factors!

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5 Ways to CELEBRATE Yourself!

Celebrating yourself is significant to self-love. When you activate the love within, you are able to see your perfections more than your flaws which activate your confidence.
Below are 5GREAT means to celebrate yourself:
§  Look at yourself in the mirror and speak beautiful words to yourself. Tell yourself that you are great and deserve to be rewarded.
§  Speak greatly about yourself to others. It is not pride, it is celebrating yourself and your achievements.
§  Take yourself on a date. Sounds crazy? It is not, it is actually extremely powerful when you can be in your own company and have a great time by yourself.


§  Take yourself on a vacation. You work hard, don’t you? Ensure that you reward yourself at every opportunity you get.
§  Capture every moment of your life by writing journals or taking pictures. Remember that life is about creating memories so ensure you capture great ones with those you love and those who love you.
Ensure that you live and you have fun. Life is about creating moments to cherish forever.



We are here today and tomorrow we are no more and as such, it is our HUMAN RIGHT to ensure we remain healthy, happy and live with and on purpose. However, we are fed beliefs like get a career that earns you loads of cash, marry a rich man or for the men, marry an educated and beautiful woman etc. But we will miss out on the real joy of life if we live by false beliefs or the mandate of others and it would be rather disappointing and remorseful on the day you face death and you lived serving no purpose or never lived your dreams.

There are three (3) stages in finding your purpose. Should you negate one of these stages, you will keep living within the shadows of your actual dreams. To follow all three (3), you will begin to feel and see a major change in your life.

SOLITUDE. You have to learn to be alone. It can be terrifying to be alone because of the belief that you need someone around to make you happy or to make you feel valuable. Now, it must not be negated that having people around you is great and rewarding. However, when you are on a voyage to find who you are and your purpose, you need to segregate a bit from people (even those you care about). This is where the practice of meditation becomes critical because you will need to execute this practice as often as possible. To meditate is to find an environment free from noise and distractions and you dive within your thoughts and LISTEN. You are not allowed to speak but to just listen. When you exercise this practice, you will begin to see things differently and you will begin to view life differently. This stage is the eye-opener as you will slow your life down and you will see the turns you have made in your life and you will see the future before you and the turns you will need to make decisions on.

DECISION. After you have become one entity with your mind, you will be faced with decisions. You will have to decide what you want to do with your life and you may even have to cut away from certain environments and toxic people. You will have to decide to do what you were created with an innate love and passion within to do. I once heard a renowned motivational speaker said that we can’t always do what we love because sometimes what we love equates to having little or no money. But, I will say this with no apology, ensure you DO WHAT YOU LOVE. Money is important, YES! But money is not life. Let me paint a scenario on your canvas by asking you this – would you rather to be a High-profile Surgeon making millions and wake up every morning miserable or would you jump for joy waking up to being an artist knowing that you won’t always guaranteed a sale but you LOVE what you do? You can’t always take what people preach as gospel because they are popular or educated. You have to treat advice like eating sugar-cane (suck the juice out of it and throw away the trash). You must also keep in mind that we only live once and sometimes it is only once we get certain opportunities. You must make it count by making sound decisions between you and GOD. On a serious note, it is best sometimes not to ask your friends or even family what they think. ASK God! People will think you are crazy when you share that you and God made a decision but God is your experience and so it is not for anyone to understand what you share between you and Him but just for you.

EXECUTION. For a dream or a goal to be a reality, it MUST be acted on. Keeping goals on paper won’t create it. I used to sit and write morning, noon and night what I wanted for my life but I did nothing. After several years, I told myself I won’t write down my goals anymore until I was ready to shoot after them. Having gone through the solitude process, I realized I have been wasting my life and it was time to act so I started making life-changing decisions. You can too.  If your purpose is to garner a charity for abused girls, then put things into place like creating a business plan, round up a few colleagues who would be interested in being a part of such a committee and seek sponsorship. Whether people want to accept this notion or not, I must say it – life is simple! If you want to do something with your life, ACT – do something.
I used these very stages in creating a life I am proud of today. I know I have a journey before me and I am ready to walk the road to my destiny. If you are ready to face your future, simply follow the above instructions and let us together as THE DREAM TEAM walk into our destiny.